Sunday, February 7, 2010

Drinking Tea Like It's the Air I Breathe

I just slept for 14 hours and am on my second cup of tea. I don’t what is hitting me more, the stress of school, my cold or just the assault of daily problems, but all four sectors need some healing right now. Because of my sleeping marathon, I missed church this morning which is disappointing. I work every other Sunday morning so unless I find a place with a less conventional worship time, I have to wait two whole weeks to try again.

After all my sleep, tea and some actual soup I am feeling less sick; I am trying to avoid putting pills into my body but certainly will not go so far as to deny Western medicine like all the people who go on trial for child homicide (Random simile, but I just read an article about how faith healing, and in turn the refusal to go to the doctor, because of religion is not a legitimate excuse in court if your kid dies). Despite feeling better, I still just want to lay in bed, but of course it is Sunday and that is homework day, so perhaps I will still schlep my way to the café to read for hours – at least they have tea! It always works out that the day you want to do the least is the day you have to do the most.

My emotional side is lacking mostly because my best friend is in France and communication is nil. She has always been the one I can talk to about anything and who makes me find the sense in the madness. This dearth of confidante and source of logic means either I have to find someone else to talk to, or, as I have chosen, to work everything out myself. This choice is not ideal, but nobody can replace my Tin-Tin.

Mentally, school is just a lot to handle. I’m not taking any math or science classes so I don’t get any homework problem sets, but just a lot of reading, then every now and then, some writing. Reading and writing can only go so fast, and nothing is straight-forward, and there is no right answer. I miss being able to be right or wrong.I need to pause life for a little while, when is spring break?

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  1. Oh Babe. I miss you more than words can say. I am so glad you have this blog. You have been writing up a storm and I can tell it is really helping you! But why did you suddenly have to become so much more interesting right when I left? You know I would have loved to explore all these liberal churches with you. And I am DYING for an intelligent convo...or at least one where I can hold up my side. C'est la vie I guess. I loved that day in the park when we blew bubbles and took pictures. Let's go back to that day and do that again.