Monday, February 8, 2010

Flesh and Blood, Hold the Silicone

As we near the dreaded Hallmark holiday of Saint Valentine, some people are reminded of the love they share for their companion while others get depressed over their lack thereof. Never fear lonely people; soon there will be a delightfully realistic sex doll with whom you can cuddle at night or talk to over coffee! My roommate shared this link with me about the invention of the $7000 perfect woman. She is thin, anatomically correct, chats according to personal preferences, and even oohs and aahs as you touch her. So if you are sick of having a conversation with a real person who may disagree with you or God forbid, annoy you with her quirks, there is now a solution! You can turn off her snoring and sleep talking and just enjoy her however you please!

Reading about this doll thoroughly disgusted me. I understand some nights can be lonelier than others, and maybe sometimes you just want someone to hold you. What I don’t get is using a robot to fill that void. Maybe a toy can fulfill your urges, but there is no replacement for companionship and intimacy – they cannot be faked.

The robot’s target audience is described as “shy, awkward, or older men who ‘have trouble meeting girls.’” This implies these men are unable to find someone with whom they can have an intimate relationship which I disagree with. Nobody is entirely incapable of intimacy, but perhaps getting there takes longer for some. Therefore this target audience is just lazy and does not want a real partner anyway. Sure Roxxy pumps warm air throughout its body so it feels like you are caressing a real human being, but even if this robot can simulate orgasm, can you really gain any satisfaction from knowing you caused a fake climax? Because I think that’s normally an insult…

The appeal of this doll eludes me, but I’m offended by the advertisement that Roxxy is the “perfect woman” because you can shut her up. Realistically, everyone you know is going to do something annoying or frustrating; maybe there’s the classic nagging girlfriend or the boyfriend who doesn’t listen. Despite these “faults,” it’s all good because you love them and they really exist! Whether the person in question is your mom, spouse, friend, or sibling, you love them because of their eccentricities (or maybe just tolerate them!). Why would anyone choose a battery-operated, silicone computer over a living, breathing person? I’ll take my companion with flesh and blood please!

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